Alyson Giuntoli


Mitchell Berzins

Wedding Party

Jessica Leahy

Maid of Honor

Alyson's Maid of Honour is Jessica, also known as Jess, and to her close friends and family, Noodle, no seriously it's even her contact information on Alyson's phone, is Alyson's best friend. She is like a sister and platonic soulmate to Alyson, many refer to them as Twins separated at birth since God could not put the two of them together like that, neither set of parents could or would have been ready. So, instead they met their first semester of college at GBC in SSW program in 2018. Words can not describe the support and love Jessica has shown to Alyson as a person and by relation Alyson and Mitchell's relationship. She has been an integral and forever part of their lives. They could not be more grateful for her and all she has done for them.

Emil Berzins

Best Man

Emil is Mitchell's only sibling. They're four years apart, and you might think that would be a hindrance to their relationship, but that's the opposite of the truth. Emil would always spend time with his brother when he could, introducing him to his own friend group and teaching Mitchell important things about the world. While every relationship has its ups and downs, Mitchell always knows he can rely on his brother. A steadfast man, Emil always stands up for what is right, protecting his brother from the worst of the world, sometimes going so far as to sacrifice his own sanity to keep his brother sane. Emil is a constant in Mitchell's world, keeping it grounded while still sharing the hidden magics of life . Mitchell would not be the person he is today without his brothers love, Mitchell can never express his gratitude enough to have such an amazing older brother. Emil is confident, funny and most of all kind. Mitchell and Alyson will be forever grateful that he is in their lives.

Haven Humphrey


Haven is Alyson's younger sister. Haven is 20 months younger than Alyson so they have gone through everything in life together and typically at the same time. As one can imagine this created an unbreakable and unique bond between them. Alyson is very protective of her sister and Haven in turn supports her sister in anyway she can. They were raised more like twin sisters, their mom even dressed them in the same clothing just different colours. Alyson got purple and Haven got pink. This colour scheme is still used till this day. Haven is an artist and kind person. She brings out the best in those she loves. Mitchell and Alyson could not ask for a better little sister and are very thankful to have her in their lives.

P.S Alyson not only did Haven hair style but she also coloured her hair in this picture. SHOUT OUT for the talent

Alex Reid


Alex is Mitchell's lifelong best friend. Having met during kindergarten, Mitchell knew pretty fast that they were going to have a special relationship, going out of his way to find his friend during errands or downtime. They shared lots of first memories and had plenty of common interests, and they would often just run around (outside) making up their own games and stories as they went. Their relationship grew as they did, with their interests often changing and not always aligning with each other's. Being a year younger Mitchell did not habitually share his companion's friend group, but Alex would always go out of his way to make time for him. The beginnings of their relationship were indicative of its future, as they continue to share interests and spend (copious) amounts of time together, online. Alex is a trustworthy man and caring friend. Mitchell and Alyson are forever grateful that he is in their lives.

Amanda Boyle

Mother of the Bride

Mandy is Alyson's Mom and is her biggest supporter. Through all Alyson has gone through in her life her Mom has been right there to help, whether that be giving advice, helping with a task or just straight up telling Alyson she is making a good or bad choice. Alyson has been called Mini Mandy her whole life and that is not only because of how much they look alike but also because Alyson got all of her Mom's best traits including her Mom's ability to be strong, resilient, independent, smart, ambitious and honest. Alyson is only the woman is she now because of the woman that raised and held on to her, her whole life. That is why Alyson says she owes all she is and who she will be to her Mom. Thankfully while Mandy is known to be a Mama bear when it comes to her little girls, she loves and supports Alyson and Mitchell's relationship. They say there is nothing better than a Mothers love but Alyson says there is nothing better than to be loved by her Mom Mandy. Alyson and Mitchell could not be anymore grateful and thankful for her.

Lino Giuntoli

Father of the Bride

If there is an award for being the proudest dad it may have to go to Alyson's Father Lino. He never stops talking about how happy he is to have Alyson as a daughter. He supported Alyson through school even when she called in the middle of the night because assignments got too hard and she just needed to talk about something, anything other than school. Lino taught Alyson some of the most important life lessons including that there are two sides to every story and how bad pop is for you but most importantly he taught Alyson about how important family is. Lino is kind and thoughtful, he always tries to think of and include others. Alyson and Mitchell are so lucky and thankful that he is apart of their lives.

Ivetta Gerba

Mother of the Groom

Ivetta is Mitchell's mother and one of his closest confidantes. Mitchell would always share his issues with her and his mother would always have solutions, whether it was just ignoring the problem or facing it head on, she always has the best advice. When there are no problems to solve, she is the best mother Mitchell could have asked for, putting her own needs behind her children's and making sure they were always cared for. Spending lots of time with Mitchell during his childhood, she helped shape him into the man he is today. He will be forever grateful, forever indebted to the women who made him. Sometimes there are simply no words for feelings, sometimes there are, and sometimes the words you need to say fall right into place, but no words could describe the depths of a mother's love for her children. Ivetta is a caring, loving, treasured person and Mitchell and Alyson will be forever grateful that she is in their lives.

Juri Berzins

Father of the Groom

Mitchell's father is a distinguished man, having made a name for himself in architecture and landscaping alike, however Mitchells early memories are filled with another one of his father's passions, hockey. He remembers going to his brother's hockey games, seeing the joy and happiness when his brother would win, and the celebrations his father would schedule no matter the outcome of the game. He remembers the cold ice and the hot chocolate, but most importantly (and very possibly shaping his view on food) the warm French fries, contrasting against the cold air of the stadium. Mitchell's memories are always flooded with nostalgia whenever he enjoys one of those fine cuisines listed above, or stays outside in the cold too long. Juri is a loving father and would walk a hundred miles to see his sons be happy. Mitchell and Alyson are forever grateful that he is in their lives.